Boston University

Class of 2021 Health Science Major

Real Kids Real Food/ Eat to Thrive Intern


Real Kids Real Food Camp Counselor Ages 3 – 6 Summer of 2020

In the summer of 2020, I interned at Real Kids Real Food and Eat to Thrive with Betsy Bragg. For Real Kids Real Food, I worked on the first virtual summer camp where I was one of the counselors for the 3-6 age group. For Eat to Thrive, I mainly did administrative work to further help Eat to Thrive run smoothly.

Real Kids Real Food summer camp was such a valuable experience. I was able to work on my teamwork and communication skills. Since this camp was all online, I also improved my communication skills through Zoom and over the phone. Furthermore, for my group, I helped create lesson plans that were tailored for the three to six-year-olds. The boundless energy of these kids always made everything more fun. We played games, did exercises, led meditations, and presented food demonstrations while the kids made the recipes at home. Participating in Eat to Thrive classes aided us in teaching the children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By being involved in the administrative side of Eat to Thrive, I worked one on one with Betsy and learned what it takes to run a business. I helped with Constant Contact newsletter, which is where I learned how to market the classes to a specific audience. During the classes, I would record any questions that were not answered and make sure that Betsy would email the students the answers. I was also the technical assistant for some of the virtual classes, in which I was involved in admitting the students and guest speakers into the class, presenting any videos or slideshows, and uploading the recordings into Youtube. I also led breakout room discussions. Eat to Thrive was educational and helped me improve my communication, organizational, and teamwork skills.

This was a wonderful experience. Betsy is a great mentor who is passionate about what she is doing. She not only cares so much about her students but for the interns as well. Her dedication and devotion made this a memorable experience. This internship is something that I will always value, and will impact what I do in the future.