Create a Real Kids Real Food Program Near You!

What is Real Kids Real Food?

“Through hands-on activities concerning nutrition, local and organic food farming and gardening, grocery shopping, planning and preparing meals, children learn how to achieve and continue an overall healthy lifestyle. The program broadens their exposure to making healthy choices with attention to affordability and incorporates physical activities and parent involvement throughout the year.” Our programs are divided up into four groups for kids between 3 and 18.

Why Real Kids Real Food?

Real Kids, Real Food is a program designed to prevent obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition in children through education and advocacy of healthy living. “Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.” – CDC NCHS data brief One out of five children and one out of three adults are obese.

Where is Real Kids Real Food?

During the Pandemic, Real Kids Real Food is virtual. Prior to Pandemic, since 2008 Real Kids Real Food programs have been successful in faith communities where parents are most involved, in low-cost housing, schools, scouts, community centers, and homes. In 2014, it received the Humanitarian Service Award. When is Real Kids Real Food? For the Fall, the time is to be determined; however, for the Summer, the classes occur on Saturdays from 10 am -11 am EST on July 11 to August 22 over zoom. Internship/ Counselor positions will be posted soon!

How to Launch Real Kids Real Food?

The recordings and lesson plans of the summer sessions of Real Kids, Real Food for all age groups can be found below! You can use these recordings and lesson plans to help create a RKRF Program near you! These are based on the two books Real Kids Real Food Kids Tested Recipes and Real Kids Real Food Lesson Plans which will be given gratis to those who wish to launch programs.