Brandeis University Class of 2023

Economics & Applied Mathematics Major

Real Kids Real Food/ Eat to Thrive Intern

Real Kids Real Food Camp Counselor Ages 12 – 18 In the summer of 2020

I interned at Real Kids Real Food and Eat to Thrive with Betsy. For Real Kids Real Food, I worked on the first virtual summer camp where I gained valuable experience in creating lesson plans tailored to 12 – 18-year-olds about a healthy lifestyle. For Eat to Thrive, I worked primarily on the administrative side, learning about what it takes to run a business and how to efficiently run an online class. Working with a specific age group for the Real Kids Real Food summer camp helped me improve on my communication skills as I learned how to convey information to a specific group of people in a creative manner. I learned how to effectively communicate with people through video calls as well as on the phone and this greatly improved my ability to communicate with people virtually. In addition, creating lesson plans for this camp allowed me to be creative. It was a lot of fun working with the kids and they really enjoyed the lessons geared towards helping them live a healthy lifestyle with food presentations, mediation, and exercise. What helped the kids learn this information was showing them a practical way of improving their lifestyles.

The administrative side of Eat to Thrive was particularly interesting to me as that is what I hope to do more of in the future. With Constant Contact, I learned about how to market classes properly to a particular audience. I also prepared agendas and talked to guest speakers for the Eat to Thrive class which allowed me to improve on my communication and organizational skills. Working with Besty was an amazing experience. Betsy is a wonderful mentor who is a passionate, kind, and genuine person. She truly cares about the participants in her classes as well as all of her interns. I am very grateful for this internship experience as it allowed me to develop skills that are transferable to my future endeavors and projects.