Boston University Class of 2021

Health Science Major and Human Physiology Minor

Real Kids Real Food/Eat to Thrive Intern 


Real Kids Real Food Counselor Ages 3-6 In the Fall of 2020

This fall I had the opportunity to intern at Real Kids Real Food/Eat to Thrive with Betsy Bragg as a virtual Real Kids Real Food counselor. I gained valuable experience creating fun, interactive lesson plans for children age 3-6 and executing them via zoom. Working with this specific age group provided me with the unique challenge of taking complicated information about health, nutrition and physiology and breaking down the concepts and delivering them to young children and their families who often had little previous knowledge of the topics. I feel as if this skill in particular will be incredibly applicable to my future career as I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school to become a sports physiotherapist. I feel as if beginning to practice the task of breaking down large concepts that had been taught to me in a university setting and delivering them to people of all ages and educational backgrounds can be incredibly applicable to a number of future career paths for anyone wishing to work in health care or in education. This internship allowed me to practice my communication skills as well as my delivery of information. Working with younger children with many different styles of learning created a fast-paced environment that challenged me to think quickly on my feet and come up with multiple different ways of explaining the same concept to suit different individuals.

In addition to creating and delivering lesson plans, I was also responsible for assisting Besty with the accounting for Real Kids Real Food. Real Kids Real Food is an incredible program that provides all of the ingredients for the different recipes that we make every week for families with food insecurity to allow for full participation of all individuals. This semester, since we delivered the classes online via zoom, we ordered ingredients to families around the country every week throughout the course. I was responsible for assisting Betsy with balancing the cheque books and looking over the bank statements for these orders.

For Eat to Thrive, I worked primarily on the administrative side, helping with marketing for the class. I assisted Betsy with making newsletters advertising various events and guest speakers. I also helped create content to reach out to different organizations regarding potential partnerships and collaborations. Additionally, on the administrative side of Real Kids Real Food I helped create content to recruit more children to the program. Working with Betsy at Real Kids Real Food/Eat to Thrive was an amazing experience. As interns, we were allowed to attend the Eat to Thrive classes to increase our personal knowledge about food, nutrition and holistic well being which helped to add to the incredible amount I learned this semester. Betsy is truly the most kind and genuine person and her passion for helping others is incredibly inspiring. I am grateful for my time at Real Kids Real Food/Eat to Thrive as I know the skills I have developed here will help me greatly with many of my future endeavors.