Real Kids Real Food Counselor Ages 7-11 In the Fall of 2020

In the fall of 2020, I interned at the Real Kids Real Food and the Eat to Thrive programs with Betsy Bragg. Primarily, I was one of the counselors for the 7-11 year old program and I also helped with administration and coordination of the Eat to Thrive program.

Being a counselor for the Real Kids Real Food program was so much fun. The kids were amazing and they participated so much; this motivated me to make the programs for them even more engaging, interesting, and fun. I mainly prepared the slides and plans for each workshop and I also really enjoyed demonstrating the recipes for the kids. We played many games and did a lot of activities, we also learned about nutrition and mindfulness. But what I believe the kids loved the most was learning to make recipes each week. I was very passionate about teaching the kids how to lead healthy lifestyles. For the Eat to Thrive program, I mainly helped with coordination and sometimes put together the workshop syllabi. I was more involved with the Real Kids Real Food program.

This internship has taught me so much and gave me a very valuable experience. I have become more confident speaking to other people and taking a lead during the workshops. Moreover, I had some experience with kids in the past, but working with children over zoom was challenging. There is so much room to be creative and make the program engaging in Zoom. I also think that I have improved in professional communication, which is so important in the professional world.

Betsy has been such an amazing mentor. She is very kind, understanding, and passionate about the work she does. I would recommend this experience to anybody who is interested in a healthy lifestyle and loves working with children!  I would also recommend all children to join this inspiring program.