Real Kids Real Food 7-8 Club
Saturdays January 30 to April 3 2021
Healthy Lifestyle and Fun Recipes

Jan. 30:
1. What is Real Food? – Applesauce (pg. 49)
   – Processed vs Plant-Based
   – Conventional, Organic and GMO
   – Preparation for planting

Feb. 6:
2. Planting and Sprouting – Guacamole (lesson plan pg. 10)
   – A Life Cycle of a Plant (lesson plan pg. 55-60)
   – Planting your seeds

Feb. 13:
3. Eating a Rainbow – Sweet Potato Corn Chowder (pg. 32)
   – Importance of “eating rainbow”: Food colors and shapes
   – God’s pharmacy
   – Planting and sprouting

Feb. 20:
4. Eating Local and Seasonal – Brownies (pg. 50)
   – What does it mean to eat local and seasonal food?
   – What are farmer’s markets?
   – What foods are in season in winter, spring, summer, and fall?
   – Why eat local and seasonal?

Feb. 27:
5. Sugar Shock- Carob Mousse and Banana (lesson plan pg. 38)
   – What is sugar?
   – What is the most sugar one should have in a day?
   – Diabetes
   – What can sugar cause?
   – What are good and bad examples of sugar?
   – What happens when you have too much sugar?
   – “What’s your favorite drink?” activity

Mar. 6:
6. Obesity prevention – Carrot, Sweet Potato with Spinach Soup (pg. 34)
   – How many children are obese in the US and worldwide?
   – How many children live in households unable to consistently
nutritious food?
   – How can we change this?

Mar. 13:
7. How To De-Stress? – “Fruit art smoothie” – use 4 different fruits
    you find in a
 store that you like! (lesson plan pg. 34)
   – What is stress?
   – Recognizing stressful situations: scenarios – are the people in
   – What is stressful for you?
   – What are the effects of too much stress?
   – What is the effect of what you eat on stress?
   – How to relieve stress?: Healthy and real foods, Sleep habits,
     Meditation/mindfulness, Exercise, Talking it out, Creating and

Mar. 20:
8. Good, Bad, and ugly Fat – Almond Butter Banana Ice Cream (pg 47)
   – What is fat and why do we need fat?
   – What can high intake of fat cause?
   – What are arteries and veins? What do they look like? What is
 function? (clogged arteries)
   – What is cholesterol?
   – What are some good and bad fat examples? (find them in your

Mar. 27:
9. Fabolous fiber- Ants on A Log (pg 44) and Kale Avocado Salad (pg 24)
   – What is fiber?
   – Why is fiber important? What is the function of fiber?
   – In which foods can we find fiber?

Apr. 3:
10. Review and Reflections – Living Healthy in the real world – Raisin
 Truffles (pg 34 )
   – Go over the lesson topics
   – Play review game with lesson information
   – Reflection Questions
   – Choose prizes

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